The Collective

GLO is here to help grow the presence of influencers, creatives and entrepreneurs using our platforms as support. We want to harness the talents and passion of fellow Clevelanders and unite through collaboration and innovation – Lab Studios now offers an opportunity to join The Collective.

GLO has been an integral part in building my confidence as a photographer. The Open Lens events make me feel like creativity isn’t just a concept, but a tangible sphere of energy that pulses and pushes and pulls me. The supportive group of artists makes me feel like I can be a part of magic making. It dares me to set aside the pressures of making ‘worthy’ art and to just play — to pick up my camera, approach a model, and see what happens.

Laurie Hamame

Photographer & Journalist


From designers to photographers to techies- we support
thought-leaders and visionaries from the following areas:


Stylists, brands, influencers, bloggers designers, models, hair/makeup artists.

Creative Tech

Wearable technology, robotics, gaming, mobile applications.

Photo + Video

Photography, film, cinematography, journalism, media.

Design + Digital Media

Graphic design, branding, web design, product design, experiential design, content creation.

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